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Application from developer to developers. If you are mobile / desktop app / web developer you need sometimes create testing json trees. Imagine your web service returns json response however you need to test extened text lenghts in design fields, or simulate specific value, for that Swift JSON Editor has been created to do so without embedding any .json file. Just open the application create testing json and call http address in your app to retrive the json tree directly from app. You can make live modifications even with your app running like, disabling nodes, duplicated and creating more items etc and all will be reflected immediatelly when you refresh http call in your app.

Smart JSON Editor is not a json text editor, as it uses more extensive virtualization of basic json format. Application uses Tree virtualization and therefore it is more extensive as any basic item holds much more information than normal .json file. Smart JSON Editor is not suited for massive .json text files modifications and it is not its purpose. JSON Text preview will be added, however you will not be allowed to modify it, only text preview. Any modifications have to be done via Tree.

There are some value transformers included in app, however they will not probably fit your needs for every situation possible. Therefore you can write your transformer easily.
* Value Transformers are simple basic Javascript code.
* Review the library and learn source code : Value Transformer library

Smart JSON Editor brings a context of Smar Objects. Smart object is a special JSON Object / Array that maintains its key modifications between all shared copies. Duplicating any Smart Object creates a Smart Copy. Changing key names, ordering, deleting and adding new keys is synchronized between all copies.

Smart JSON Editor is suited to handle very well hundreds of nodes with value transformers but handling 10 000 or more json nodes can become much to handle. If you need to process such amount of data, it would be more efficient using regular text editor. Smart JSON Editor uses extended data for every node and it is not suited well due its nature to handle excesive amount of data.